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We have three new pinch hits and a reposting of an older one! If you are able to pick these up, please comment to this post with your AO3 name. All comments are screened!

Pinch Hit 10
Request 1 by shopfront
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Group: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak, Established Relationship, Fix-it fic, Getting Together, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life, AU - Canon Divergence

Ah, my ridiculous tailor spy and his bumbling supersmart fanboy! These two and their slow burn flirtation are my heart of heart OTPs in DS9, and I'd love anything featuring them and their mutual crush/interspecies romantic confusion. I also particularly love Jadzia, Kira, Ziyal, Jake, the other augments, the Kira-Damar-Garak-rebel-heroes thing, and the O'Briens, if you'd like to include them in any way.

DNWs include: mental illness, character death, suicide, excessive angst/torture/dark fic, or much reference to Julian/Dax or Garak/Ziyal.

You can also find more info at my letter!


Request 2 by shopfront
DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Group: Ray Palmer/Mick Rory, AU - Canon Divergence, Established Relationship, Fix-it fic, Fluff, Getting Together, Humor, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life, Smut, Canon Style Plot

I just adore these two for their odd couple antics, and their unexpected complementary personal issues. The canon that exemplifies how I see/love this pairing is Ray stalking Mick between seasons because he's bored and lonely, and Mick helping Ray try to find purpose when his suit is gone.

DNWs include: mental illness, character death (you don't have to completely ignore the obvious canon stuff, but prefer no focus on it/grieving/etc), suicide, excessive angst/torture/dark fic.

You can also find more info at my letter!


Request 3 by shopfront
Stargate Atlantis
Group: Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex, Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Established Relationship, Fluff, Getting Together, Humor, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life, Smut

I most love these two when they're bouncing off each other and revealing unexpected sides to each other in the process. There's a lot of poking fun, but it's often with a smile and they're very comfortable together and ultimately they're still team and very devoted to each other. I think it's telling that it's Ronon who finally gets Rodney to spar with minimal bitching (and lots of padding), not Teyla or John, because Ronon is pretty implacably determined and I think it matches well against Rodney railing at people all the time.

DNWs include: mental illness, character death, suicide, excessive angst/torture/dark fic.

You can also find more info at my letter!


Request 4 by shopfront
Dark Angel
Group: Max/Alec, Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Getting Together, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life, Fix-it fic

I really liked the place they built these two towards by the end of the show. They started out butting heads but they had so much in common, and they had very similar emotional stumbling blocks, that it felt very natural that they gravitated towards each other by the end. I also really like the bickering and the friction, but how they come together and have each others backs in the end anyway.

DNWs include: mental illness, character death, suicide, excessive angst/torture/dark fic, or Max/Logan.

You can also find more info at my letter!


Request 5 by shopfront
Crossover Fandom
Group: Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)/Felicity Smoake (Arrow), Group: Jaylah (Star Trek Beyond)/Jadzia Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Group: Kate Freelander (Sanctuary)/Lucy Lane (Supergirl), Group: Cara (Legends of the Seeker)/Morgana (Merlin), Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Genre Shift, AU - Modern, AU - SciFi / Fantasy Elements, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Established Relationship, Fluff, Getting Together, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life, Smut, Worldbuilding

Ack, it's so hard to briefly prompt for so many different pairings! Basically these are various female characters that I adore and I'd be curious to see them together in one place, so please feel free to take them in any direction you like. Some specific ideas (but you are by no means limited to!):
- Cara/Morgana in LotS with Morgana as the new Lady Rahl.
- Jaylah/Dax through the ages (assuming time travel or Jaylah's species being long lived) starting with Emony in AOS and ending with Jadzia or Ezri in DS9
- Lucy Lane takes her experience with alien beings and her desire to work for a kickarse female boss and moves from CatCo to Helen's Sanctuary
- Lydia and Felicity meeting in college, and then re-kindling the flame once they realise they both now have experience as side kicks to strangely strong people who get in fights they lose a lot.

DNWs include: mental illness, character death, suicide, excessive angst/torture/dark fic (exception here for Cara/Morgana but I would still prefer a kind of morally ambiguous anti-hero vibe like Cara develops into in canon as opposed to the flat out torture porn of canon!Rahl).

You can also find more info at my letter!


Request 6 by shopfront
Teen Wolf (TV)
Group: Stiles Stilinski/Danny Mahealani, Group: Lydia Martin/Cora Hale, AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Genre Shift, Character Development, Fix-it fic, Fluff, Getting Together, Slice of Life, Smut

Lydia is by far my favourite character and Cora wasn't around long enough for us to really get enough of her, so anything with these two would be wonderful. I liked that there was a new Hale/not-a-wolf dynamic with a bit of spark (the female Sterek if you will) and push/pull, and I think they would have been interesting together given more time because there's some similarity in stories there with female characters coming out kicking on the other side of being treated badly. Cora is also clearly very angry but also willing to play pack beta and fall in line with orders, while Lydia prefers to lead social groups, and I think that would be interesting to play out with two strong women.

For Stiles/Danny I tend to the various headcanons that Stiles is bi but not so out for whatever reason, and that Danny has a secret long held crush on Stiles. I'd love to see this play out, and I'd also love the potential for Danny to give Lydia a pre-pack friend and also for them to play either human solidarity within the pack or for that gigantic cliff hanger about what/how Danny knows about werewolves to be played out somehow.

DNWs include: mental illness, character death, suicide, excessive angst/torture/dark fic.

You can also find more info at my letter!


Request 7 by shopfront
Sanctuary (TV)
Kate Freelander (Sanctuary (TV)), Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Genre Shift, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Fluff, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life

Kaaaate. I adore her. This is the entire basis of this request, so anything with her being awesome, or having feelings, or basically being the star of the show is fine by me. I quite like to femslash ship her, including crossover/OC pairings, if that's your thing feel free. I'm more interested in her current and future potential than exploring her angsty past as she's tried to move past some of her past actions and I'd like to see her get that in fic too. I don't really ship her with any of the guys, but happy to see some brotp moments or just some solo gen fic of her being awesome.

DNWs include: mental illness, character death, suicide, excessive angst/torture/dark fic.

You can also find more info at my letter!


Pinch Hit #11
Request 1 by Merfilly
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Group: Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus, Group: Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook, AU - Canon Divergence, Character Development, Established Relationship, Fix-it fic, Slice of Life

On either pair, I'd love to see them involved with the Rebellion to a greater degree, so I am asking for a definite AU of canon here. If they still wind up tragic sacrifices, I understand. I just really want to see them being movers and shakers. The pairing aspects are secondary, though I prefer Space Husbands be Space Husbands no matter what. With Galen and Bodhi, if you prefer a platonic bond, I'm cool with it. Feel free to use anyone you need for them with one major exception. If there are Krennic/Galen overtones, please make it clearly ONE-SIDED from Krennic's POV.

Request 2 by Merfilly
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types
Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars), Kit Fisto (Clone Wars), Group: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Satine Kryze, Group: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker, Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Established Relationship, Fix-it fic, Fluff, Humor, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life, Smut, Worldbuilding

Ahsoka - I pair her with about anyone typically found in her canon. I have read the novel. I do like post Twilight of the Apprentice fic. I do not need a pairing for the story to work. Feel free to go as AU as you like with any of her major events. Deathfic is okay... if you have to. I'd love to see her team up with nearly anyone from the Star Wars universe. Happy Ever After fics welcome.

Kit Fisto - ANYTHING. I ship him with Aayla Secura (Commander Bly welcome for threes). I low-key ship him with Plo, but prefer a buddy friendship there, possibly with Mentoring from Plo. Him teaming with anyone would be great. Having him survive Order 66 would be brutal but great. Just, KIT!

Obi-Wan/Satine - Schmoop? Exploring that mission on Mandalore when they were young? An AU where she survives? Satine helping raise Luke in exile?

Obi-Wan & Anakin - Go nuts. Padawan shenanigans, Clone War adventures, AU from their endings? ANYTHING with those two being complicated but honestly friends at the heart of it.

Request 3 by Merfilly
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Mon Mothma (Prequel Trilogy), Padmé Amidala (Prequel Trilogy), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Prequel Trilogy), Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Fix-it fic, Fluff, Humor, Slice of Life, Worldbuilding

Anything exploring these people in their roles during the tumult of the Fall of the Republic, after, before... just something character driven for one or all of them. Feel free to take one event and show all three views of it. AUs are welcome, especially in regards to Padmé's death.

Request 4 by Merfilly
Star Wars Original Trilogy
Leia Organa (Original Trilogy), Group: Mon Mothma/Leia Organa, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Slice of Life, Smut, Worldbuilding

I'd love to see some exploration of Leia the Leader. She is clearly of Rank on Hoth; she briefs the pilots. She was in the strategic command center on Yavin and followed it all very clearly. I want to see more of Leia BEING a Rebel, rather than just a diplomat and politician.

And if you want to play with her and Mon Mothma? I love the idea of them as a Mentor/Student pairing.

Pinch Hit #12
Request 1 by Merit
Craft Sequence - Max Gladstone
The King in Red (Craft Sequence - Max Gladstone), Tara Abernathy (Craft Sequence - Max Gladstone), Group: Caleb Altemoc & Temoc Almotil, Elayne Kevarian (Craft Sequence - Max Gladstone), AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Darkfic, Worldbuilding

I was a bit surprised to see the path Tara took during Four Roads Cross. What is it like being a Craftswoman and a priestess of the goddess Seril? How dies Tara reconcile the two? What sort of public reaction is there to Tara – a Craftwoman, representative of the god Kos (though perhaps not for much longer) and a priestess of the newly resurrected Seril? What is her relationship like with Seril? How does the world take to Seril being back and how does Tara handle that? Does Seril visit her anymore or is she too 'big' for that?

I really liked the mentoring relationship depicted between Tara and Elayne – so more mentoring! Maybe even they just go out for a casual drinks and the evening turns out to be a bit more exciting than that? (A craftswoman's job is never done...) I really enjoyed reading about their relationship, how Elayne saw so much potential in Tara (she fought back, so maybe even a scene from Elayne's perspective before Tara was thrown out of her school). Perhaps a scene when they're on opposite sides of a negotiating table especially both Four Roads Cross. How does Elayne take Tara being Seril's priestess? I'd love to see more of Elayne's back story – from when she was a young soldier during the heat and blood of the Wars to how her viewpoint changed and developed over the years.

It was an unexpected delight to have Tara and Caleb interact in Four Roads Cross. How do they work together in the future? Or working together on a case together! Perhaps discussing the different magic systems in the world. Maybe Caleb is setting up a new branch in Alt Coulumb? Maybe Tara does Caleb a favour? Perhaps they go back and rescue Shale? Tara acts for Caleb in negotiations with the King in Red? Tara takes a vacation and Caleb tries to drag her into one of his messes? Or vice versa!

I love how dark and complicated Caleb and Temoc's relationship can be at times. How does Caleb deal with the aftermath of what his father did to him? In a city where the leader (and many other people) see his father a terrorist? A relic of another time? Judging from what we know, he was visited by his father over the years so it would be wonderful to see how Caleb copes with the aftermath and how Temoc continues to battle between trying to be a father to his son (failing, of course) and defending his Gods and his people. Maybe even Temoc's reaction to Caleb going to work for the King in Red (because I can totally see the King in Red holding that over Temoc's head, taunting him in not so subtle ways). Caleb growing (physically) older than Temoc, as the world moves faster and faster beyond Temoc's ways. What sort of impact does Temoc have on Caleb starting up Two Serpents? I think it could be interesting to have the King in Red in their story as well, considering what an impact he has had on both of their lives. A petty fight between the King in Red and Temoc could be pretty amusing to read about especially if it involves years of planning. Or if you want to go dark – Temoc and the King and Red dealing with the aftermath of Caleb's slow decline and eventual death.

How often have Elayne and the King and Red worked together in the past? (well not often since the events of Last First Snow, probably…) Two old soldiers reminiscing… and arguing. Maybe even further discussions on being a skeleton and how the impacts things? Elayne seems to have pretty deliberate starts to stave the process off, meanwhile the King In Red just let it happen. A consequence of their different perspectives. Perhaps discussing the events of Four Roads Cross? Do they ever work together again? What is their perspective on Temoc and Tara?


Request 2 by Merit
The Divine Cities Series - Robert Jackson Bennett
Turyin Mulaghesh (The Divine Cities Series - Robert Jackson Bennett), Sigrud je Harkvaldsson (The Divine Cities Series - Robert Jackson Bennett), Shara Komayd (The Divine Cities Series - Robert Jackson Bennett), Vinya Komayd (The Divine Cities Series - Robert Jackson Bennett), AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Darkfic, Mystery/Procedural, Worldbuilding

Shara Komayd & Vinya Komayd - Anything over the years that shows their somewhat fucked relationship. We've seen Shara's perspective, possibly something from Vinya's perspective? Perhaps Shara has to deal with Vinya creating more problems pre-series, starting to see that Vinya's burning ambition was focused truly on herself and how she manipulated the world around her. Or set in the future when Shara is Prime Minister and Vinya has had her graceful fall. I can't imagine Vinya taking that well, especially now that Shara has so much to lose.

The rise and fall of Vinya Komayd could be be pretty interesting. She has her fingers in so many places it is hard to imagine her as someone who started, well not at the bottom, but she is a Komayd. What was Vinya like when she was young? Was she always set on being in power? (not necessarily Prime Minister, but I see that as the means to the ends for her). What was it like when Shara's parents died and she was suddenly the main caregiver for Shara? How did this change her perspective on what she was doing? Did it at all? Something epistolary like the novels could be interesting as well – a Ministry report of what Turyin did on the Continent or Vinya approving Turyin being the Govern of Bukilov. Considering Tuyrin's bloody past – did Vinya expect Turyin to be more of an ally? Or a report about Sigrud. I imagine Vinya was fairly pleased to see the Dreyling states to be leaderless, all the better for Saypur. A side element exploring the relationship between the two nations would be interesting. Saypur really seems to have gotten the Divine Empire's foot over other countries, though even that might be the perspective of the main character's.

What did Vinya feel when Shara broke the National Party scandal? How much did she supervise Shara's training as an operative? Vinya is a bit like the Divinities in some ways (much to her horror) in that she rewrites history. She doesn't quite have the power to edit people's memories, but she certainly uses propaganda.

I'd love to see an earlier (mis)adventure or a moment between Sigrud and Shara where they're just in tune with one another, solving another case? I really liked how they worked together, how much trust they had in each other. Perhaps something along the lines of a mission going badly and Shara has to rescue Sigrud. I really did love the world building and the idea of Divine artifacts, so perhaps they have to deal with the political/social/emotional fallout from the artifact? They're both dedicated to their missions, to the detriment of their selves, this is one element that could be interesting to see explored. There's hints to some of the dark actions they've done over the years – perhaps a story about what they did? Or, perhaps something epistolary – letters not sent during Shara's time as Prime Minister?

Turyin dealing with Shara's political machinations at the end of City of Blades, possibly? I would love a scene between Turyin and Shara, after Turyin realises exactly what sort of mess Shara has dumped her in. Perhaps they retreat to Shara's country estate and it is all knife and daggers since Shara is still a political exile. Maybe even dealing with something unexpectedly Divine while they're there? What was their relationship like after Shara left (or was forced to leave) office?

I love the interplay between the steampunk/industrial setting and the Divine so please feel free to explore that element through the characters as well!


Request 3 by Merit
The Bear and the Nightingale - Katherine Arden
Vasilisa Petrovna (The Bear and the Nightingale - Katherine Arden), Morozko (The Bear and the Nightingale - Katherine Arden), Konstantin Nikonovich (The Bear and the Nightingale - Katherine Arden), Anna Ivanovna (The Bear and the Nightingale - Katherine Arden), AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Darkfic, Worldbuilding

This was a very charming book and I was surprised but pleased to see that it is getting a sequel. I loved the world building, the deep immersion of fairy tales in every day life, the challenges that Vasilisa faces as she forges her own in path. I would love to see what sort of adventure that she does get up to in the future, flashbacks to when she was a child, or even returning home after a long time away. What sort of adventures does she get up to in Constantinople? Or further east or west?

She has a very interesting nature, only hinted at during the books, what sort of self discovery does she have? Does she meet her grandmother? Will she continue to age like a mortal? Or becoming something like Morozko? He's obviously a much diminished figure, as the new god dominates the landscape, and it doesn't look like his presence is really going to return to his former glory. How does he reconcile that? A fading figure, powers weaker with every winter. What sort of powers does he lose over time? Does his memory fade as well?

I was fairly intrigued by Anna Ivanovna. She's initially presented as a fairly sympathetic figure – haunted by the spectrals she can see, driven mad by isolation and then foisted on a man when she thought she was so close to peace and quiet. She then rapidly becomes one of derision, disliked by all, treated with respect only because of her position. I found it very interesting that she was never called a nickname by anyone, when practically everyone has at least one. She's very isolated, but not justified in her actions. And her only misery has aged her. Considering she's only in the her mid-late teens when she is married, I found it slightly bewildering that Konstantin considered her an aged matron when she was at most in her mid-late twenties. He was scarcely that much younger! I suppose a happier ending for her, a happier timeline would be interesting to see


Request 4 by Merit
Old Kingdom - Garth Nix
Lirael (Old Kingdom - Garth Nix), Sabriel (Old Kingdom - Garth Nix), Nicholas Sayre (Old Kingdom - Garth Nix), AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Mystery/Procedural, Worldbuilding

I do love culture shock (either Nicholas in the Old Kingdom, or if Lirael had to visit Ancelstierre, or even Mogget, now that he's unbound). I always love the culture clash in the Old Kingdom series – between the 1920's themed Ancelstierre and the rather medieval at times Kingdom, so it would be great to see that explored as well. I would like a fic exploring their new roles and identities and how that impacts them. A comedy of errors depicted between Nick and Lirael would be fun to see. Nick has more experience of polite society – in Ancelstierre, but considering his age I imagine he's not quite as worldly as he wants to appear – and Lirael has spent several years barely talking to anyone other than the Dog.

Lirael growing into her new role. She has some unresolved feelings about being a Daughter of the Clayr, how does she cope when she has to go back to Glacier? (again) Nick wanting to know more about the Old Kingdom and how he's going to fit into it with his Charter + Free Magic powers. He's really quite strange and in ways he had never thought about before.

Or one of Lirael's adventures during her Third Assistant Librarian days? I would love to see the Great Library explored in more depth, Lirael secretly keeping Free Magic creatures at bay while the rest of the Clayr is too occupied over the Nine Day Watches. What dark histories has Lirael glimpsed in the lower levels?

I would love to see a mentoring relationship between Lirael and Sabriel, finding strengths in each other and getting to know each other. This could fit for either Lirael or Sabriel, but what happens after the events of either Sabriel/Abhorsen and they're a newly minted Abhorsen/Abhorsen-in-Waiting, going out on their lonesome… battling the Dead! Fighting Free Magic necromancers! Dealing with a resurgent North! There's so much unexplored dread in the Old Kingdom series.

For Sabriel alone – there's quite a gap between the end of Sabriel and when we see glimpses of her in Lirael. What sort of adjustment did she have as she settled into the Old Kingdom? How did she keep up her relationships with her old friends? How did her relationship with Touchstone develop between their duties? How do the people of the Old Kingdom take to the new political situation? The Old Kingdom series really goes well with casefic so that would be a gem to receive!


Request 5 by Merit
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Group: Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky, AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Genre Shift, AU - SciFi / Fantasy Elements, Darkfic, Hurt/Comfort

I hadn't really considered this as a pairing until recently and then the dirtywrongness hit me and well here we are. I rather like the idea that Victor/Yuuri still being end game and Victor is, unintentionally or just being thoughtless, playing with Yuri's feelings. Yuri's a bundle of teenage emotions and hormones and desperate for success. Victor's consumed with his own legacy and sees Yuri has someone who might have potential, but how many other skaters has Victor seen try and fail? Victor is an impossible element at his age – still skating professionally, but even he has to see that the end is closer than the beginning. How does that influence is relationship with Yuri? How did Yuri see Victor as he grew up? Victor's dominated the sport for some time and Yuri likes to work for something, against something.

This is a prompt where canon divergence could be really interesting. Victor and/or Yuuri skips the banquet, Victor retires the season before, Yuri has to delay his senior debut.

I think it would be interesting, considering the canon, to have an element focusing on the demands of the sport. On the mind and the body. Victor's been a national hero for how long now? Has that impacted his longevity in the sport? What sort of professional obligations does he have that we (the viewers) don't really see on the screen? How does that impact on Yuri when Victor goes to Japan?

Victor braids Yuri's hair. Hero worship, praise kink, spanking, height difference, power dynamics… all appreciated. Professional jealousy! Anything involving barre practice, all those mirrors, would also be appreciated


Request 6 by Merit
Eternal Sky Trilogy - Elizabeth Bear
Samarkar (Eternal Sky Trilogy), Edene (Eternal Sky Trilogy), AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Worldbuilding

I loved the world building in the Eternal Sky series and if you wanted to explore that, or delve deeper (stories of old skies etc) I would greatly appreciate that! I love how the world building mirrors some of the geography/history of the Silk Road. I find the history of the Silk Road pretty fascinating so it was a joy to read the Eternal Sky series and if you want to develop some of the world building in that direction, I think that would be interesting.

I would love to see how these characters become closer as they rebuild after the events of the third book. Samarkar conducting treaties, discovering more about what it means to be a Wizard, perhaps even going home to a place she must scarcely recognise. What strange and marvelous things does she discover on her journeys? How do her magical/scholarly abilities develop? Do stories, legends of her race ahead of her? Edene leading her people, in a world far from her childhood. How does she cope with the legacy? Of raising several children while securing her son's future? Where does she see herself, find herself once her son is grown?

If you want to write a shippy fic between Edene and Samarkar, I'd love that as well.


Pinch Hit #13
Request 1 by SegaBarrett
Bates Motel (2013)
Caleb Calhoun (Bates Motel), Angst, Character Development, Darkfic, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

DNW: animal death, ants, child abuse, abortion, eye trauma, bad things happening to disabled people

I love Caleb and would love to see anything about him, with Norma or Dylan or without. I would like to request that he not die unless it is going to be a major focus of the fic. I love his quest for redemption, social awkwardness, love for his family (...a bit too much) and his arms.


Request 2 by SegaBarrett
Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad), Angst, Darkfic, Hurt/Comfort

DNW: animal death, ants, child abuse, abortion, eye trauma, bad things happening to disabled people

I love Jesse so much - I would love anything about him at the compound or rebuilding after getting out of it. If possible, ret-con Andrea's death? I would like him to have someone out there to lean on a bit.


Request 3 by SegaBarrett
Rectify (TV)
Daniel Holden (Rectify), Tawney Talbot (Rectify), Kerwin Whitman (Rectify), Angst, AU - SciFi / Fantasy Elements, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Darkfic, Fix-it fic, Fluff, Getting Together, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Smut

DNW: animal death, ants, child abuse, abortion, eye trauma, bad things happening to disabled people

I love these two (Daniel and Tawney) and their messed up... whatever it is that they have. I would love to see it explored more - what would a full relationship look like with people so damaged? I also adore Kerwin and his relationship with Daniel as well - how else did they bond on the inside? What kinds of things did they talk about?


Request 4 by SegaBarrett
Evil Dead - All Media Types
Ash Williams (Evil Dead - AMT), Cheryl Williams (Evil Dead - AMT), Angst, AU - Canon Divergence, Character Development, Darkfic, Fix-it fic, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Slice of Life

DNW: animal death, ants, child abuse, abortion, eye trauma, bad things happening to disabled people

The poor, doomed brother and sister team. What would happen if Cheryl hadn't died? How do you come back from... well, that? How would their relationship look after sharing that experience? What were they like together, growing up ?

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