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And that's all, folks! All author names are now revealed, but you can keep reading, enjoying, and commenting on stories in the archive.

A huge thank you to everyone who signed up, beta read, and pinch hit!

We have reopened both the Fandom 5K collection and Fandom Couch for treats and make-up assignments, and they'll stay open until signups begin next year. Please put all works longer than 5k into the Fandom 5k collection, and works that are not quite 5k into the Fandom Couch collection!

If you defaulted after the no-fault deadline of 1 April but wish to participate in the next round, you'll need to fulfill your original assignment before then. Please drop us an email at fandom5kmod AT gmail when you do. If you're not sure whether this applies to you, please send us an email.

Speaking of--yes, we do plan to run this exchange next year! We welcome your feedback on what went well and what we can improve. You can respond to this survey, leave comments on this post, or send us an email if you'd prefer.

Please note that even if there's general consensus on a suggestion, we may choose not to implement it for a variety of reasons. We will certainly take it into account, though! There are lots of ways you could choose to run an exchange like this. If you're interested in starting up a multifandom longfic exchange of your own, we'd be happy to coordinate schedules and avoid overlap.

We're particularly interested in answers to the following questions:
  1. Were the genre tags generally helpful, counterproductive, or neither?

  2. Was the writing period (about 8 weeks) a good length?

  3. We required requests to specify at least 4 fandoms with 1 character/relationship per fandom, and offers to specify at least 5 fandoms with 1 character/relationship. Would you prefer this or 3 fandoms with 2 characters/relationships for requests, 4 fandoms with 2 characters/relationships for offers?

  4. Would you be interested in offering or requesting art next year? What do you think the equivalent of 5k would be for artwork?
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