Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Hey, everyone! Hope you’re as excited about this as we are. Nominations open on 7 February, just a couple of weeks away.

Before we kick things off, here’s a quick summary of how the exchange will work. We’ll give more information on each step of the process later on.

Questions can be left in the comments or sent to fandom5kmod@gmail.com.

Tags for Matching:

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Defaults and Mandatory Check-In:

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Explanations and Feedback:

Most of these decisions were made because 5,000 words is a big commitment, and we’re guaranteeing a story of that length for everyone who fulfills their assignment. We want to keep initial pinch hits low and, in the event of defaults, give pinch hitters more options to choose from.

To do that, we could either increase the number of fandoms required or the number of character/relationship tags per fandom. We’ve decided to try a slightly higher number of fandoms but only require one character/relationship tag in each. We’ve also instituted the mandatory check-in period to give pinch hitters as much time as possible.

We’ll see how the first round works with these rules, and then we’ll consider changing things up for the next round based on how smoothly this goes and on your feedback. Keep an eye out for a feedback post after reveals!

Note that we’re still finalizing the list of genre tags, though, so please review that section and leave a comment if you have suggestions!

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