Apr. 1st, 2017

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The mandatory check-in period is upon us!

Please reply to this post by 11:59 PM EDT on 8 April. What time is that for me?

If you do not reply to this post by 8 April, you will be defaulted automatically. Please do respond either way, though, so we know as early as possible if you need to back out!

If you have taken a pinch hit, please leave one comment for your original assignment and a separate comment for your pinch hit. That will make tracking easier for us.

All replies to this post are screened. We plan to hold resultant pinch hits until the end of the check-in period, so keep an eye out on 9 April! In the meantime, there are several new pinch hits at this post. All pinch hits up to now have been claimed. Thank you!

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