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As of right now, everyone who turned in their assignment should have a gift! I'd like to extend a huge thanks to our heroic pinch hitters. Why not write one of them a treat?

Supposing there are no unexpected roadbumps, this means the archive will go live as scheduled at 11:59 PM EDT on Saturday, 13 May. Here's a countdown to reveals. Gifts will remain anonymous for a week.

If you won't be around to read and comment on your gift shortly after reveals, you can drop your author a note at the Away from Keyboard post.

Finally, treats keep rolling in! You can post treats 5,000 words and up in the main collection and anything up to 4,999 words in Fandom Couch.
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The collection is scheduled to be revealed on Saturday, 13 May, at 11:59 PM EDT! What time is that for me?

We may delay reveals if anyone still does not have a gift at that time, but the archive will not open before 13 May.

If you think you'll be away from your computer or otherwise unable to read and comment on your gift shortly after the archive opens, you can leave a comment here so your writer isn't left in suspense. Please include your AO3 name so they know who you are!


Quick links:

The post-deadline pinch hit post is here.

Our pinch hitters are fabulous--why not write one of them a treat?

Writing something a little shorter? Treats under 5,000 words go in Fandom Couch

And finally, a countdown to reveals!
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Run Write like the wind!

Stories are due at 11:59 PM EDT on Saturday, 29 April. What time is that for me?

Please make sure your story is complete, meets the requirements, and is not in Draft status at that time. You'll have two weeks after the deadline to make any final edits. If you're looking for a beta reader or willing to offer beta services, check out this post.

Anyone who is not signed up for the exchange but took a pinch hit is welcome to leave requests for treats at this post. If you're looking for someone to treat, that's a great place to start!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us here or at fandom5kmod@gmail.com.
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First, there are approximately two days left for the mandatory check-in. Whether you signed up for the exchange, claimed a pinch hit, or both, please leave a comment on this post by 11:59 PM EDT on 8 April. What time is that for me?

So far, 66 people have checked in, which is great! We’re waiting on 33 replies.

Second, pinch hitters are the heroes of any exchange, but we’re especially grateful to everyone who’s pinch hitting for Fandom 5K. That’s a huge commitment without any guarantee of a story in return.

A number of people are writing pinch hits but didn’t sign up for the exchange, and we’d like to give them the opportunity to leave prompts for treats. Treats for pinch hitters go in the same location as treats for anyone else: Fandom 5K for stories 5,000 words and up, Fandom Couch for anything up to 4,999 words.

If you picked up a pinch hit but aren’t signed up, please leave your AO3 name in a comment along with the fandoms you’re interested in. You can specify characters/relationships, genres, and prompts if you like.

Everyone else, go forth and treat!
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Treats! The thing you do when you're finished your assignment or in lieu of it while hoping inspiration will come to you. For Fandom 5k treats go into one of two places:Also as a reminder: if a person has been defaulted on at the deadline (that is, their author does not turn in anything and has not defaulted by the deadline) any treat that is in the Fandom 5k collection will become their assignment. Please keep this in mind!

We are also reposting Pinch Hit 4, which has some new fandoms added to it! Please take a look and see if you could write any of these prompts! If you are interested, please comment to this post with your AO3 name. All comments are screened.

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